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Happy 3 Year Anniversary!!!

Whirling Dervish Bakery is THREE!!!!! Wow, time flies when you are having fun. Some of us wanted to say a few words to the amazing Owner/Dreamer of the bakery, Becky Gacono! Without her vision we would not have this amazing place to enjoy friendship, fellowship, coffee and of course the best baked goods around.

Dear Becky,

Your sweet little bakery is one of my favorite places on earth. I am so blessed to be a part of your dream and grateful for the time I get to spend helping that dream continue to unfold. Your unmatched talent and creativity are truly something special, a gift to our community. Happy Anniversary and here's to another fantastic year!

Love, Christine

Who knew chocolate chip cookies were actually a dream come true.

I didn’t. I’m not a sweets person. I’ve never been. I love the florals and savories and earthy flavors. So, when my mom finally decided to tell everyone that she was bringing her bakery and coffee shop business idea into fruition, I was wholeheartedly excited for her, but, I also didn’t understand the excitement either. I knew it was her one hearts wish (for herself) to spread love, friendship, and kinship through her baked goods; heck, I’d been witnessing this anomaly for 25 years. People LOVED getting the delicious goodies she would randomly pop in and give to them. They’d smile. They’d laugh. It made them happy.

But what I missed? I missed that connection that happiness made. While I saw what happened afterwards, there’s something that you miss if you’re not there for the firsthand interaction. You miss the warmth. You miss the omg-Santa-IS-real first reaction. That feeling that people care and thought of you and MADE something for you. And really, that’s the feeling you get here in her shop.

This bakery, it’s magical. Sure, it’s a business. BUT, but but is SO. MUCH. MORE. It’s a place where you are automatically part of the Whirling Dervish family. Don’t believe me? Pop in.

Start talking with someone you don’t know there. People are smiling. They linger. They have conversations with strangers over coffee and everyone LOVES the little ones who’s eyes light up at the sight of all the goodies lined up in the case. We love the tough guys that come in and ask for the darkest thing on the menu. We love the workers that come in with their rough hands. We love the moms with a handful of littles. We love the ones that need the extra help with the doors and the stairs.

The fact is, is that there is love here. And I had NO idea how much of it there possibly could be in one tiny little space tucked away on the side of Lancaster street in Annville. And honestly? It really does feel like magic.

And it all stated with a chocolate chip cookie.



My Dearest Becky,