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By far the best place to grab coffee and home baked treats in Annville. Every time I bite into one of their savories' I’m transported back to my Nana’s kitchen and nothing can describe the magical mixture of nostalgia and bliss it gives me. I’m not sure “home” is a flavor but if it is, this place has it in spades. What’s more is that they happily shared with me that they donated their extras at the end of the day. Amazing. I will always support home grown places that take care of their customers and also give back to their own community. Thank you guys for giving me a taste of home away from home.
Sheena M.


Knock your socks off good! The peanut butter balls pair especially well with a nice glass of Riesling.

Alex K.

WOW! Every once in a while someone is placed on your path to bring you great joy and happiness… Becky and her crew did just that while visiting Barnstormer on Seneca Lake recently. I had the delight of being their server and was overwhelmed by their enthusiasm and generosity. It’s not everyday that you’re gifted a box of fresh homemade yummies: strawberry cake, shoo fly muffins, blueberry crumble to name just a few… and did I mention the PEANUTBUTTER BALLS! Sweet Heavenly Goodness doesn’t even come close to summing it all up. I can’t wait to visit the bakery in person, and I look forward to seeing Becky and her crew again soon. Cheers!

Sharon H.

Wonderful items and terrific service. it's like knowing your best friends. you love going there, and the baked items are a big bonus to the experience.
Kevin M.

Coffee was great, my baked oatmeal was yummy and everyone was so friendly! I’ll definitely be back!
Kristina T.

We love being able to walk to your little coffee/bakery shop, we have never been disappointed in a purchase. As soon as we walk in the door it's so welcoming and delicious aromas greet us!
Crystal T.

Becky and her staff are always there to greet you and explain the daily treats.  My 2 year old loves the cookies and the almond bread.  The treats are always a hit for any meeting or dinner. 
Lindsay K.
I absolutely adore this small town bakery/coffee shop. It is such a cozy “home” atmosphere and every single treat in that case is made with love. It feels like it came right out of mom or grandmas oven. Becky and Gacono family are true staples of this little town. The espresso cupcakes and carrot cake are a must!
Bec E.
If you are in the mood for fresh baked goods - look no further than Whirling Dervish Bakery & Coffee Shop.  I highly recommend the cinnamon swirl cupcakes and baked French toast.  If you are peanut butter fan - grab a Peanut Butter Ball - delish!  The baked oatmeal is also very good and a great hearty breakfast.  Looking to treat a co-worker - the chocolate chip cookies are tremendous!!
Whirling Dervish not only warms our tummy with delicious treats, but gives to the community in many ways making a stop at this establishment a feel good move in more ways than one!
Laura M.

I'm a bakery junkie always looking for new places. Been wanting to try this place for years and now since covid I've had tons free time cause of work cutbacks. I've stopped here weekly now for over 6 months. The strawberry cake is the best cake I've ever had and I've been to places cross country nationally known for cake but this tops them all.
Junell W..
Really lovely little spot my friends and I stumbled upon on our trip to Hershey. I highly recommend the blueberry lemon rose and the strawberry yogurt cake. Coffee was delicious and locally sourced. The owner is delightful and came out to greet us. stop by if you are in town. You won't regret it.
Jennifer B.
This is my favorite spot!  Whimsical atmosphere, amazing staff and the most delicious baked goods!  A great partner in spreading happiness in our community!  My personal favorites are the chocolate chip scones, shoo-fly muffins and the Gnome Nuggets.
Becky H.
The special order of breakfast pastries I ordered from Whirling Dervish were from-scratch and delicious and working with Becky was a breeze. She was responsive and helpful and very customer-oriented. Can't wait to go back!
Susie L.
Wonderful bakery in Annville. Love everything about this place. The pastries are delicious!!! They also have small gifts(soaps, candles) and coffee. The owner and staff are very warm and welcoming.
Ann L.

I’ve had extensive experience eating peanut butter balls in my life. The best ones are made here. Don’t miss out on them, they will change your life. Also, pretty much anything sold here is the best of the best. Do yourself a favor and try everything.
Craig A.


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