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The Power of Words

It's Sunday morning. I have my cup of coffee, my dogs snuggled around me, and I am working on my Facebook Page, Yelp, Google for Business and any other place I should be to promote my little bakery/coffee shop I was reminded yesterday of the importance of these tools. A group of friends from Washington DC stopped into the bakery yesterday after finding us on Google. I happened to be up in my office working on Google when I heard their happy voices in the bakery. It is the sound I have come to love over the past 2.5 years I've been open ~ sugar and coffee have the power to make people happy. They picked some baked goods and headed onto the porch to eat and share their goods with each other. My sister-in-law came upstairs and said I may want to get a photo of them on the porch for my social media. GREAT IDEA!

I headed out to say hello and ask them for a photo. They were gracious and posed readily for me. I thanked them for stopping in and they were happy they found our little place. A win/win for all of us. I stepped back inside and my daughter said, maybe they will write a review for the bakery. I head back out onto the porch and as I said, "Review" a few of them raised their phones and said, "We are doing that right now." Wow! I thought, look how easy that is and above being easy, look how powerful for my little business their kind and positive words are to my business. Their words hold a piece of what will become my success or what could lead to my failure if they decide they didn't like their visit or my little bakery/coffee shop. It's a risk and a standard we are all exposed to. The power of social media in our lives.

I have been lucky, blessed, fortunate, or any other words that describe the wonderful reviews my little happy place and holder of my dreams has received and for that I say, "Thank you". I will do my best to continue to earn kind words in the reviews any of you take a moment to write about my little bakery/coffee shop.

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